Tre-Fin Foods provides high grade Pacific Northwest albacore tuna that is 100% sustainably caught and delivered to you fresh, never frozen.

Who We Are

TreFin Foods is a commercial fishing operation focusing on responsible production and timely distribution of DayBoat Albacore tuna. We provide a higher quality product to the market directly from our boat the OpporTunaty, and a CoOp of similar minded DayBoats out of Ilwaco, WA.

The Product We Provide

TreFin Foods provides a high grade Pacific Northwest albacore tuna caught from same day trips. These fish are processed that same day and are available to the market never frozen within 48 hours of harvest four months out of the year (July thru October).Our offseason products are processed from these never frozen fish. They are then vacuum sealed and quickly froze providing a superior quality product available year around.
Fish are sustainably caught using rod and line techniques, acknowledged as a ‘Best Choice’ fishery by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Each fish is expeditiously fought, individually netted, and quickly bled before being chilled in a saltwater ice slurry for immediate temperature reductions. Fish are then carefully packed in salted ice where they remain until the boat returns at the end of the day. When the boat reaches port fish are immediately brought to our HACCP facility, where they are processed and repacked for delivery.

Our Mission

TreFin Foods recognizes that consumers are concerned with where their fish come from, how they are caught and handled, and the freshness of the product. Our goal is to change the way consumers are provided their seafood, thus building their trust in knowing what they are buying. We do this by providing higher quality product than is currently available on the market, and doing it in a way that is sustainable to our local fisheries. We aim to provide a transparent path to market, allowing the consumer to be knowledgeable of their foods’ origin and quality.
We enjoy what we do! We are grateful for the bounty and look forward to sharing the experiences with those willing to participate. We don’t just provide a commodity, we do something that matters, something lasting, and something that enhances lives.
If interested in learning more about setting up an account with Tre-Fin Foods, please contact Mike Domeyer @ (503) 799-1341